VC Funding for Crypto and Web3: The Downward Trend Continues

The analytics platform, WuBlockchain, released its cryptocurrency venture capital report for September on Monday, revealing continued shrinkage in the VC funding space for crypto and Web3 ventures. Here are the key statistics:

  • A 3% increase in publicly revealed investment projects from August 2023, reaching 77 in September. However, this is a stark 44% decrease from the 138 projects that secured funding in September 2022.
  • Funding for crypto VC projects in September stood at $510 million, down 24% from August’s $670 million and a massive 72% drop from September 2022’s $1.84 billion.
  • The primary beneficiaries of September’s financing were infrastructure and DeFi projects, grabbing around 30% and 22% respectively. CeFi followed with 4%, while GameFi and NFT projects acquired about 10%.

Declining Web3 Investments

Recent data from Crunchbase, as reported by TechCrunch, indicates the seventh consecutive quarter of dwindling investments in Web3 startups. This decreasing trend began in the last quarter of 2021, following a fundraising peak in the crypto venture space. Some insights from the data include:

  • Web3 startups raised approximately $1.3 billion in Q3 2023, a considerable reduction from the $2 billion in both Q1 and Q2.
  • Looking at Q3 2022, Web3 startups secured $4.5 billion, which is half the amount raised in the preceding quarter. This reveals not only the volatility of the sector but also the waning investor confidence.
  • Compared with past successes, between Q3 2021 and Q2 2022, Web3 ventures were raising more than $8 billion each quarter, highlighting the drastic change in the current fundraising environment.

Underlying Causes and Concerns

Several factors have contributed to this downtrend in the crypto and Web3 venture funding space:

  • Regulatory Uncertainties: One of the primary challenges affecting investor confidence is the uncertainty and challenges related to regulations in the crypto space. Many believe that these issues need resolution for complete confidence restoration.
  • Previous Market Failures: With many allocators feeling the burn from the spectacular failures of various venture-backed companies in 2022, there’s growing apprehension.
  • Bearish Crypto Market: The bearish trend in the prices of crypto assets is another considerable factor. When combined with the decline in crypto VC funding, this paints a bleak picture.

Industry Perspectives

Galaxy Digital’s Insight

Mike Novogratz’s digital asset management firm, Galaxy Digital, previously highlighted the existing challenges in the crypto VC fundraising environment. Their report emphasized the difficulty venture investors would face in raising new funds in 2023. Citing five consecutive quarters of declining funding at the time, the report suggested a combination of factors such as a bearish crypto market and previous venture failures.

Hope Amidst the Gloom

Despite the negative trend, some market players see bear markets as golden opportunities. Data from DeFiLlama highlights an increase in cryptocurrency funding to $353M in September, a 25% boost from August. Even though this signifies a 78% reduction over the previous year, where the sector attracted $1.59B in September 2022, some optimistic players believe in the market’s potential to rebound.

Future Outlook

While the immediate past showcases declining trends, it’s essential to understand that the cryptocurrency and Web3 space is still relatively young. Volatility and investor apprehension are expected as the market matures and finds its footing. Several analysts believe that these downturns are merely growing pains of an industry that holds immense potential.

Regulatory Clarity as a Catalyst

Many in the industry argue that regulatory clarity could serve as a significant catalyst for increased VC funding. Once regulators worldwide establish clear guidelines and frameworks for crypto and Web3 ventures, investor confidence may increase, paving the way for more substantial investments.

Technological Advancements and Innovations

The constant evolution of technology within the crypto and Web3 space can’t be overlooked. As blockchain technologies advance, offering more scalability, security, and user-friendly interfaces, these innovations can attract both users and investors. Companies that can harness these advancements effectively are likely to catch the attention of venture capitalists.

Bullish Long-Term Investors

Despite the short-term downtrends, it’s worth noting that many venture investors remain bullish about the long-term prospects of the crypto and Web3 sectors. This optimism is grounded in the transformative potential of decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and the broader blockchain ecosystem. They view the current challenges as temporary setbacks in a larger, positive trajectory.


The declining trend in VC funding for crypto and Web3 ventures is undeniable. Factors such as regulatory challenges, previous market failures, and a bearish crypto environment contribute to reduced investor confidence. However, some industry players remain hopeful, leveraging bear markets as building opportunities, and believe in the market’s capability to turn around.


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