Transferring KrisFlyer Miles: Can I Transfer Them to My Wife?

If you’ve accumulated a good number of KrisFlyer miles, you might wonder whether you can transfer these miles to a loved one, such as your wife. This article sheds light on the topic, ensuring that you make the most of your hard-earned rewards.

Transferring KrisFlyer Miles

Can I Transfer KrisFlyer Miles to My Wife?

The answer is both simple and a bit complicated. In essence, you cannot directly transfer your KrisFlyer miles to another individual, including your wife. However, you can use your KrisFlyer miles to book travel for others, including your wife.

Important Points to Remember

  • You can nominate up to five people as redemption nominees at any given time.
  • After adding a nominee, you cannot remove them for six months.
  • Even a child or infant is counted as a nominee.
  • Removing a nominee online will cost you US$30 or 3,000 KrisFlyer miles. Note that charges are higher if done over the phone but can be less if you have elite status.

Steps to Add a Redemption Nominee

  1. Log in to your KrisFlyer account.
  2. Click on ‘Profile’.
  3. Select ‘Redemption nominees’.
  4. Choose ‘+ Add nominee’.
  5. Provide their name, date of birth, and passport number.
  6. Decide if they will be an ‘authorised nominee’. An authorised nominee can make redemption bookings and changes on your behalf. Remember, this is optional.

Transferring Miles from Your Child’s KrisFlyer Account

If your child’s KrisFlyer account is linked to yours, you can transfer their KrisFlyer miles to your account, allowing for faster reward redemption.

  • Setting up Parental Link: Log in to your child’s account and enable Parental Link via the personal details page. If listed as a parent or guardian, you will receive an email invitation to link accounts.
  • Transfer Miles: After accepting the invitation and successfully linking, both accounts are connected until the child turns 16. Post this, you can transfer miles from your child’s account to yours through the ‘Miles’ option, followed by ‘Transfer child’s miles’.
  • However, transferring miles from your account to your child’s is not possible. Plus, for security reasons, the child’s account needs at least one mileage accrual from a flight in the past 36 months. They shouldn’t have miles from credit card transfers or co-brand card spends in the last 36 months.

General Airline Loyalty Program Practices

Typically, airline loyalty programs allow you to redeem your miles for anyone. You can directly use your frequent flyer program account to do this. However, always ensure that these redemptions are genuine gifts and not bartered exchanges, as bartering airline miles can violate policies and may result in account suspension.

How to Transfer KrisFlyer Miles In 3 Simple Steps?

Understanding the KrisFlyer Membership Program

Recognized for its exceptional service, Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer program is its crown jewel. Like other frequent flyer programs, KrisFlyer is structured around three core factors:

  1. Distance Flown: The further you fly, the more miles you earn.
  2. Type Of Fare Purchased: Premium class tickets, like First and Business Class, earn miles faster than Economy tickets.
  3. Elite Status: Earning elite tiers in the KrisFlyer membership offers added perks. These include reduced fees, priority waitlists, bonuses on KrisFlyer miles for specific flights, and exclusive lounge access for Gold members.

Valuation of KrisFlyer Miles

KrisFlyer miles have an estimated value of 1 to 1.4 cents per mile. Their exact value can vary based on how you use them, with higher worth often seen when redeeming for Premium seating.

KrisFlyer Miles Compared to Other Travel Partners

Hotel/AirlinePoint Value (Cents)
Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer1.4
Air Canada Aeroplan1.9
Air France / KLM Flying Blue1.4
Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan1.1
Asia Miles1.2
American Airlines AAdvantage1.2
ANA Mileage Club2
Best Western Rewards0.7
British Airways Avios0.8
Delta Airlines SkyMiles1.3
Emirates Skywards1
Frontier Miles0.7
Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles1
Hilton Honors0.5
Marriott Bonvoy0.7
United Airlines MileagePlus1
Virgin Atlantic Flying Club1.1
Wyndham Rewards0.9

This table provides a quick comparison of KrisFlyer miles’ value relative to other major airline and hotel loyalty programs. By understanding these values, you can make informed decisions about where to best allocate and use your loyalty points and miles.


While direct transfer of KrisFlyer miles is not possible, there are ways to maximize benefits for loved ones. Whether it’s nominating them for redemption, transferring from a child’s account, or understanding the value of your miles, leveraging your KrisFlyer miles effectively can bring immense travel benefits.


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