Moo NFC Cards Review

Get ready to dive deep into the world of Moo NFC Cards – a tech-savvy innovation that combines the traditional with the digital. We’ll explore what they offered, why they were discontinued, and if they truly provided value for their price.

Moo Card Detailed Review

The Moo Card was not just any business card; it was a blend of aesthetics and functionality. The real magic lay in its NFC-enabled (Near Field Communication) technology, discreetly tucked between layers of premium paper. Not only could recipients feel the chip, but it served as a reminder of the card’s unique capabilities. With customizable actions, it was possible to link the NFC chip inside the card to specific online actions, ranging from opening a website to playing a Spotify playlist. Despite its myriad of features, the question remains: Was it truly worth its price?

Discontinuation of Moo’s NFC Cards

Why & from When Discontinued?

Moo discontinued the NFC Business Cards+ as of 31st March 2020. This decision stemmed from challenges in paper sourcing, manufacturing, and technical development. It became increasingly tough to deliver a product that lived up to Moo’s high standards.

If you’ve purchased these cards, note that any pre-programmed actions will cease to function from January 2023. However, there’s a silver lining – you can still modify the cards’ actions using third-party apps, both on iOS and Android.


CriteriaRating (Yellow Stars)
Ease of Use⭐⭐⭐⭐


A pack of 20 Moo Paper+ business cards costs $29.99, 60 cards at $89.97, and 100 cards for $149.95, with various other pricing tiers available. Given their premium nature, they were seen as best for select, valued contacts.


  • Customizable front and back
  • In-built NFC chip
  • Multifunctional – from digital business cards to promoting apps

Pros & Cons

Fully customizable designChanges in packaging led to negative reviews
Invisible NFC chipRigid templates compared to competitors
 Shipping prices could be high

Alternative NFC Cards

If you’re exploring other NFC card options, some of the best in the market include POPL, V1CE, Metal NFC business card, Linq NFC Business card, and Mobilo Card.

Our Verdict

The Moo Card was a harmonious blend of style, technology, and function. If you’re someone who values aesthetics and tech integration, it was an ideal choice. However, users should be aware of its discontinuation and the inability to modify actions on Moo’s platform post-2023. Using third-party apps is recommended for any adjustments.


1. Why are Moo business cards so expensive?
Moo prides itself on high quality and unique features like “Printfinity”. However, some users feel the premium packaging contributes to the price.
2. Is reputable?
Yes, Moo is known for its high-quality, design-centric business cards.
3. Where does Moo ship from?
Moo ships from various locations, ensuring fast delivery.
4. How long do moo business cards take to arrive?
Shipping duration varies based on location and the specific order details.
5. Are NFC cards worth it?
For tech-savvy individuals looking for a blend of traditional and digital networking, NFC cards offer great value.


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