How to Earn KrisFlyer Elite Miles Without Flying?

Earning miles without ever stepping on a plane? Sounds like a traveler’s fantasy, but it’s possible with the KrisFlyer program by Singapore Airlines. Here’s how you can rack up those miles on the ground.

Earn KrisFlyer Elite Miles Without Flying

1. Kris+

Think of Kris+ as your shopping buddy that rewards you with miles. With up to 6% in miles for each dollar spent, you can earn simply by indulging in everyday activities such as dining and shopping at over 1,000 partner outlets in Singapore. You even get exclusive access to deals meant just for KrisFlyer members. Imagine feasting on 1-for-1 meals or grabbing a $1 pastry deal while earning miles; that’s Kris+ for you.

  • Download the Kris+ app
  • Browse limited deals and exclusive discounts
  • Transfer miles to your KrisFlyer account within seven days at a 1:1 rate

2. KrisShop

Earn miles as you shop with KrisShop, whether you’re in the air or online. Get 2 to 4 miles per S$1 spent if you’re a KrisShopper member and 1.5 miles per S$1 for non-members.

  • Link your account: Connect your KrisFlyer and KrisShop accounts to start earning.
  • Shop anywhere: Buy things on the plane, through KrisWorld, or at
  • Collection options: Pick up on flights or get items delivered to your home.
  • Miles posting time: Wait up to 5 business days to see miles added to your account.

Redeem Miles on KrisShop:

Use your miles for shopping. Redeem them all or mix miles with cash.

  • Redeem with as little as 1,000 miles.
  • Earn miles on cash portions when you mix.

How to Use Miles:

  1. Log in to your KrisFlyer account at
  2. Add items to your shopping bag.
  3. At checkout, choose miles to use and pay any remaining amount with your card.

Shopping Smart: Understanding the Rules

Remember: Miles are calculated on the price after taking out any vouchers or discounts, not including extra charges.

Transaction TypeEarning MilesUsing Miles
KrisShopper Purchase2-4 miles/S$1125 miles = Approx S$1
Regular Purchase1.5 miles/S$1125 miles = Approx S$1

When paying with miles, only the cash portion earns new miles. All taxes, delivery fees, and import charges are excluded from earning miles and are your responsibility if they apply.

3. Pelago

Pelago opens the door to new experiences with thousands of activities to choose from. Book a local tour, and earn miles. It’s simple – spend $1 and earn 3 miles.

  • Earn: Get 3 KrisFlyer miles for every S$1 spent on booked experiences.
  • Redeem: Use your miles to pay for unique activities, with a standard rate of 150 miles per S$1.
  • Special Offer: Until 31 December 2023, enjoy experiences for less with a reduced rate of 120 miles per S$1.

Experiences Galore: Choose Your Adventure

With a vast array of activities, from food & beverage to arts, culture, and adrenaline-pumping escapades, Pelago is your ticket to worldwide experiences.

How to Earn Miles?

Earning KrisFlyer miles with Pelago is a breeze:

  1. Choose an Experience: Pick what you love to do from the Pelago list of activities.
  2. Enter Membership Number: At checkout, input your 10-digit KrisFlyer membership number.
  3. Enjoy and Earn: Complete your experience and receive miles credited one week later.

Easy Steps to Use Miles on Pelago

  1. Choose experiences on Pelago and proceed to checkout.
  2. Select KrisFlyer miles as your payment method.
  3. Log in to your KrisFlyer account and confirm your booking.
  4. Pelago will show how many miles you need. Click “Pay with KrisFlyer” to finish.

Booking with Pelago: Know the Rules

4. Co-brand Cards

Swiping the right card can be just as rewarding as a flight across continents. Use a Singapore Airlines co-brand card and earn miles on every dollar spent. From groceries to gadgets, every purchase can bring you closer to your next holiday. These cards let you double-dip on rewards: earn miles for your flight and extra from your card’s reward program.

Available Regions for Co-Brand Cards

Apply for co-brand cards if you’re in Singapore, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, or Taiwan. Remember, terms from partners and KrisFlyer apply.

Here is a Co-brand card and its benefits.

American Express Singapore Airlines Solitaire PPS Credit Card

Welcome Bonus MilesEarn 5,000 bonus KrisFlyer miles on your first spend.
Initial Spending Bonus36,000 miles for spending S$10,000 in the first 3 months (New American Express Card Members only, offer until 30 Nov 2023).
Regular EarningsEarn a base rate of 1.3 KrisFlyer miles per S$1 spent locally, which adds up to 13,000 miles on the S$10,000 spend.
Higher Earnings on Eligible PurchasesAccumulate up to 3.3 KrisFlyer miles per S$1 on selected purchases.
Bonus for Recurring BillsReceive a bonus of 500 miles for your first telecommunication bill charge.
Miles Redemption VoucherGet a 50% off Miles Redemption Voucher (up to 50,000 miles) with an annual spend of S$75,000.
Upgrade AwardSpend S$50,000 for a one-time upgrade to Singapore Airlines Suites or First Class on eligible purchases.
Exclusive ExperiencesEnjoy premium experiences including golf privileges and personalized concierge services.

Miles Crediting Details

  • Your miles are credited monthly directly to your KrisFlyer account.
  • For your KrisFlyer balance, log in online or reach out to American Express.

Discover the full range of co-brand card benefits at Co-brand cards | Singapore Airlines.

5. Hotels

Rest your head on a hotel pillow and wake up to more miles in your account. With partners like Marriott and Hilton, your staycation or business trip becomes an opportunity to earn.

Ensuring Your Stay Counts

  1. Quote your KrisFlyer membership number when booking
  2. Show your KrisFlyer card at check-in
  3. Match the name on your reservation with your KrisFlyer account
  4. Check your statement post-stay to see the miles add up

6. Travel

Your journey doesn’t have to be airborne to be rewarding. Rent a car or book a transfer service, quote your membership details, and you’ll earn miles for every bit of ground you cover.

7. Retail

From luxury shopping in Europe to getting your caffeine fix at the nearest café, select retail partners help you stack up miles. For example, convert your CapitaStar STAR$® to KrisFlyer miles and fly higher the next time you fly.

Some Retail Partners to Note:

Retail PartnerBenefit
KrisShopEarn miles with each purchase
The Bicester CollectionShop and earn miles
CapitaStarConvert rewards to miles


Accumulating KrisFlyer Elite miles doesn’t necessarily require a passport and a suitcase. With Kris+, shopping at KrisShop, exploring with Pelago, savvy use of co-branded cards, hotel stays, travel options, and retail partnerships, there are numerous ways to boost your miles. Start seeing every spend as a step closer to your next vacation and let your daily adventures take flight – even without the actual flying.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the requirements to achieve KrisFlyer Elite Silver or Gold status?
    To unlock KrisFlyer Elite Silver status, you need to have 25,000 Elite miles, which means transferring over 125,000 KrisFlyer miles. For KrisFlyer Elite Gold status, you’ll need 50,000 Elite miles, requiring a transfer of over 250,000 KrisFlyer miles.
  2. What benefits come with the KrisFlyer Elite Gold status?
    With KrisFlyer Elite Gold, members gain access to Singapore Airlines and Star Alliance lounges before eligible flights. They can also access Virgin Australia domestic lounges with a guest when flying within Australia. Additionally, they enjoy priority airport processing, including priority check-in, boarding, and luggage handling.


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