How to Claim KrisFlyer Miles on Scoot?

Scoot, the low-cost wing of Singapore Airlines, has opened its doors for passengers to earn and redeem KrisFlyer miles on every flight. This change allows passengers to reap the benefits without any additional costs. So, let’s delve into how you can maximize your KrisFlyer miles on Scoot.

How to Claim & Redeem KrisFlyer Miles on Scoot?

Steps to Redeem Miles

  1. Log in to your KrisFlyer accounts here to use your miles on fares, taxes, and add-ons.
  2. During payment, select “KrisFlyer Miles” and adjust the number of miles you wish to redeem using the slider. Note: The minimum is 1050 miles.
  3. If you change your mind about the miles amount, simply select “Re-select number of KrisFlyer miles to be used“.
  4. Once the booking is complete, the redeemed miles will be shown on the booking confirmation page.

Important Points to Remember

  • Mix miles and cash is available only when logged in with a valid KrisFlyer number and PIN.
  • You can mix miles and cash for Scoot’s fares, taxes, and add-ons. However, exclusions apply such as e-Visa, travel insurance, infants, and credit card fees.
  • As a KrisFlyer member, you can use miles for yourself and your 5 Redemption Nominees. Manage your nominees on
  • Mix miles and cash are not applicable for certain purchases and itineraries, like those through travel agents or mixed itineraries with non-Scoot segments.
  • Tickets paid with KrisFlyer miles are non-endorsable, regardless of fare conditions.
  • Only the cash portion of a mixed payment is eligible for miles accrual.
  • Refund of miles for eligible bookings is subject to KrisFlyer’s approval.

Other Ways to Redeem

Looking for more ways to use your KrisFlyer miles? Use them for holidays, gifts, or everyday expenses.

Redeem miles for award tickets

Depending on the number of miles you have and your flexibility, you can opt for award flights:

Type of AwardDescription
Saver awardRequires fewer KrisFlyer miles but may have limited availability.
AdvantageRequires more miles but offers more seat choices and additional benefits.

Redeem miles for flight upgrades

Upgrade your flight experience by redeeming your miles for a seat in Premium Economy Class, Business Class, First Class, or the exclusive Singapore Airlines Suites.

Note: Only specific ticket types are eligible for these upgrades. Check your ticket details and the Singapore Airlines Upgrade Award Chart for more information.

You can earn KrisFlyer Miles and Elite Miles on Scoot!

KrisFlyer, the loyalty program for the Singapore Airlines Group, allows members to earn miles not only when flying with Singapore Airlines but also with over 30 partner airlines, including Scoot. With its broad network of over 450 lifestyle partners, you can earn miles even when grounded.

When you book with Scoot, simply log in with your KrisFlyer account to start accumulating miles. Here’s a breakdown of the earning potential:

  • Travel on Scoot flights and earn 1 mile for every SGD$1 spent. Note, that exclusions do apply.
  • For mixed itineraries, such as those that include a segment not operated by Scoot, miles are earned based on route and fare type.

From 17 January 2022, you can earn 2.5 Elite miles for every KrisFlyer mile when flying on Scoot. These Elite miles help you progress towards achieving the next KrisFlyer membership tier, such as Elite Silver and Elite Gold.


Earning KrisFlyer miles on Scoot flights presents a valuable opportunity for travelers. While the reward may not seem substantial, it’s undoubtedly a step above nothing. However, for maximum value, consider saving your KrisFlyer miles for premium redemptions, such as Singapore Airlines First or Business Class flights.


1. Can Scoot passengers use KrisFlyer Lounge?

Currently, there’s no information regarding Scoot passengers’ access to KrisFlyer Lounge. It’s best to check directly with Singapore Airlines for lounge access criteria.

2. How do I get KrisFlyer miles immediately?

While you earn KrisFlyer miles for each flight, the crediting of these miles may take a few days. Ensure that you’ve provided your KrisFlyer membership details during the booking process. For immediate concerns, contacting Singapore Airlines directly would be the best approach.

3. Can I claim KrisFlyer miles retrospectively?

If you forgot to log in during your Scoot booking and have already taken your flight, don’t worry! You can submit a retroactive mileage claim within 6 months of your flight date. However, if you haven’t flown yet, simply key in your KrisFlyer number before your flight when managing your booking. It’s important to note that while you won’t earn PPS Value for Scoot-operated flights, you will earn Elite miles.

If your miles from Scoot flights aren’t showing up in your KrisFlyer account, be patient. It can take up to 8 weeks post-flight for the miles to be credited. To check the status, log in to the SQ website and navigate to your Profile > KrisFlyer Statements. If you still don’t see them, you can submit a Retro mileage claim for missing miles.

For any Scoot flight or ticket-related queries, it’s best to contact Scoot’s Hotline. When it comes to retrospective mile claims, only bookings made through official Scoot channels like their website, mobile app, Facebook Chatbot, SkyAgent, and GDSes are eligible. Third-party platform bookings via API are not eligible. Lastly, if a friend made the booking for you, they can add your KrisFlyer membership number to the booking. Once added, you’ll see the booking details in your account and can make any necessary changes. However, any changes will also be reflected in your friend’s booking.


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