Best Credit Cards you can get with ITIN Number

Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs) are provided by the IRS for individuals who cannot obtain an SSN (Social Security Number). They are essential for various U.S. workers, such as immigrants, foreign employees with temporary visas, and certain lawful citizens needing identity protection. With an ITIN, these individuals can lawfully file their U.S. income taxes. Several credit card issuers accept ITIN in place of SSN, but further identification, like a passport or U.S. visa, might be required. For those who cannot secure a credit card without an SSN, prepaid cards can be an alternative.

Best Credit Card with ITIN Number and Their Advantages

1. Deserve® EDU Mastercard for Students

  • Rewards: 1% cash back on all purchases
  • Welcome Bonus: 1 year of Amazon Prime Student after spending $500 in three billing cycles
  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Additional features include no foreign transaction fees and are suitable for students with no credit history.

2. Capital One Platinum Secured Credit Card

  • Rewards: None
  • Welcome Bonus: None
  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Despite no rewards, the card offers $0 fraud liability and access to the credit score on Capital One’s site.

3. Chase Freedom Unlimited

  • Rewards: Up to 5% cash-back on specific categories.
  • Additional Benefits: Travel insurance, purchase protection, extended warranty, and no annual fee for authorized users.

4. Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express

  • Rewards: Up to 3% cash-back on specific categories.
  • Annual Credits: Up to $264 in statement credits every year.
  • Other features include secondary rental car insurance, fraud protection, and no annual fee.

5. Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

  • Rewards: Up to 5x points on particular purchases.
  • Additional Benefits: $50 annual Ultimate Rewards hotel credit, travel insurance, and more.

6. Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

  • Rewards: Up to 5x miles on specific bookings.
  • Additional Benefits: Travel insurance, purchase protection, extended warranty, and more.

7. Capital One Platinum Credit Card

  • Rewards: None
  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Specifically designed to help build credit.

Steps to Obtain a Credit Card with an ITIN

1. Know the Requirements: Some issuers might accept an ITIN in lieu of an SSN. Additionally, certain credit card companies, like Jasper, offer cards to people without an SSN. These individuals might be international students or professionals shifting to the U.S. 

2. Application Submission: While online applications are convenient, obtaining a card without an SSN might need some extra steps. With an ITIN, you can often replace the SSN requirement. 

3. Meeting Issuer’s Standards: Ensure that you meet the credit card company’s standards. Some might require a good credit history, while others could focus on your income.


1. Can I get a US credit card with an ITIN?

Yes, individuals without an SSN but with an ITIN can apply for a U.S. credit card. Top issuers like Chase, American Express, and Capital One offer this option. However, other application requirements must be met, like credit history checks, alternative ID, and possibly an existing bank relationship.

2. Which bank does not require SSNs?

Several U.S. banks do not necessitate an SSN to open an account. However, additional documentation will likely be required for identity verification. It’s crucial to check the latest rules on the bank’s website or through other sources before proceeding.

  • 1. Citi
  • 2. PNC Bank
  • 3. Wells Fargo
  • 4. Chase
  • 5. Bank of America
  • 6. Alliant Credit Union

3. How long does it take to get an ITIN number in the USA?

You can expect a letter from the IRS with your ITIN within seven weeks, provided your application is complete and you qualify. Remember to complete Form W-7 when ready to file your federal income tax return. Late filing might mean interest or penalties.


There are numerous credit card options for individuals without an SSN. Capital One, Amex, and Chase are the most accessible providers. It’s essential to research and choose a card that best fits your needs.


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