Best contactless payment wristbands in the UK

Are you looking to invest in the latest contactless payment wristbands? You are at the right place. This article lists the best contactless payment wristbands available in the UK today.

Top Contactless Payment Wristbands in the UK Market

1. Armillion Geneve


Luxury bracelet for contactless payments up to £200,000. Supports additional features like unlocking the car, home, and security systems.

High Payment Limit: Up to one million eurosHigh Cost: Likely expensive and inaccessible to average consumers
Enhanced Security: Uses ultra-secure encryption and PIN validationLimited Utility for Average Consumer: Most features are not typically needed by average consumers
Versatile Access Control: NFC technology enables access to a variety of assetsRisk of Loss or Theft: The physical bracelet could be lost or stolen
Controlled Through an App: Offers balance and operations control, with options to freeze or block payments
Luxury and Exclusivity: Made from high-quality materials and limited edition
Swiss Craftsmanship: Promises high-quality craftsmanship

2. SwatchPAY


A wearable device from Swatch that offers contactless payment features. Fast, secure, and highly convenient.

Convenience: With SwatchPAY!, users can make touch-free payments anywhere contactless payments are accepted.Device Compatibility: SwatchPAY! is primarily compatible with Swatch wearable devices. Users without these devices may not be able to take advantage of this service.
Fast: Making payments is incredibly fast – simply tap your SwatchPAY! to make a payment.Availability: Not all regions or stores may support contactless payments, limiting where SwatchPAY! can be used.
Secure: SwatchPAY! offers secure touch-free payments and Mastercard’s Zero Liability Protection against fraud.
Eliminates Need for Physical Wallet: With SwatchPAY!, there’s no need to carry a wallet. Everything needed is on the user’s wrist.

3. Tovi Sorga


Leather payment bracelets with stylish designs, linked to any UK Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card.

Stylish DesignPrice can be high for some buyers
Convenient and Easy to UseWorks with UK-registered cards only
Secure, with same fraud protection as bank cardsLoss of the wristband can result in security issues
Works on London Underground, capped like Oyster Card
Real-time transaction tracking through bPay app

4. Fitbit Pay


Smart payment system for Fitbit’s fitness trackers and smartwatches with a built-in NFC chip.

Convenience: No need to carry a wallet or phone to make payments.Device Compatibility: Not all Fitbit models support Fitbit Pay.
Security: Each transaction is encrypted, adding an extra layer of security.Bank and Card Limitations: Not all banks and cards are compatible with Fitbit Pay.
Global Acceptance: Accepted at any retailer with a contactless payment terminal.Dependent on Battery: If your Fitbit runs out of battery, you can’t use Fitbit Pay.
Multiple Cards: Can load and use more than one card.
Integrated with Fitness Devices: Makes fitness devices even more multi-functional.


The rise of contactless payments is changing the way we conduct transactions, making payments faster, more secure, and more convenient. With the development of wearable technologies like contactless payment wristbands, this trend is only set to continue. The choice of devices in the market is diverse, ensuring that there’s a suitable option for everyone. Embracing this payment revolution can provide numerous benefits, from facilitating quicker transactions to boosting customer engagement.


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