Guide to Upgrading on Cathay Pacific Using Asia Miles

Are you considering upgrading your seat on Cathay Pacific using Asia Miles? In this guide, we dive deep into how many miles you might need, along with various methods to achieve an upgrade.

How many Asia miles to upgrade on Cathay Pacific?

Miles Upgrade Chart

Utilize your Asia Miles for an upgrade based on your flight’s distance and the desired class:

Flight DistanceEconomy 🡪 Premium EconomyPremium Economy 🡪 BusinessEconomy 🡪 Business*Business 🡪 First
Ultra-short (1-750 miles)6,0007,50012,50016,000
Short (751-2,500 miles)12,00018,00025,00030,000
Medium (2,501-5,000 miles)20,00025,00040,00045,000
Long (5,001-7,500 miles)25,00035,00055,00065,000
Ultra-long (7,501 miles and above)30,00045,00070,00080,000

*Upgrades from Economy to Business are only available if Premium Economy isn’t offered on the flight.

Asia Miles and Partner Airlines

Being a part of the Oneworld alliance, Cathay Pacific allows passengers to earn and redeem Asia Miles with many global carriers. From Oneworld members like American Airlines, British Airways, and Qatar Airways to other partners like Air Canada and Swiss, there are numerous options to maximize your Asia Miles.

Options to Upgrade on Cathay Pacific

For those flying to Hong Kong and beyond, Cathay Pacific provides several avenues to enhance your travel experience:

  • Upgrading using Asia Miles or Marco Polo Club points
  • Paying the fare difference for an upgrade
  • Bidding for an upgrade
  • Bookable Upgrades for Gold or Diamond level members

Key Upgrade Policies

Before diving into the specifics, it’s essential to understand some of Cathay Pacific’s major upgrade guidelines:

  • Upgrades are limited to one level up, unless paying cash or if Premium Economy is unavailable.
  • The loyalty program now combines both the Asia Miles program and the Marco Polo Club.
  • Upgrades apply to only one direction, meaning a round trip requires two separate upgrades.

Cathay Pacific Upgrade Choices

The airline offers four primary upgrade choices tailored to various travel needs:

  1. Upgrade with Miles: Use Asia Miles to move one cabin class higher, provided certain conditions are met.
  2. Paid Upgrade: Pay the difference in fare to upgrade either one or two levels up.
  3. Bid for Upgrade: Offer a price for an upgrade, which, if highest and accepted, will allow for a class raise.
  4. Bookable Upgrades: Exclusive for Gold and Diamond members, enabling upgrades after accumulating sufficient Status Points.


1. How many miles do you need to upgrade on Cathay?

Earn at least 12500 Asia Miles so you can get an upgrade.

To upgrade from Economy to Business on a Cathay Pacific flight (that doesn’t have Premium Economy), you’ll need the following number of miles:

  • 12500 Asia Miles for a flight of up to 750 mi (1,210 km).
  • 17000 Asia Miles for a flight of up to 2,750 mi (4,430 km).

2. Is Asia Miles and Cathay the same?

Asia Miles is the loyalty program of Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific and HK Express. These airlines connect Hong Kong with the world, with Cathay Pacific’s route network covering many major cities in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America.

3. How do I maximize my Asia Miles?

Whenever you visit our retail partners such as The Bicester Village Shopping Collection, SouvNear etc., or shop online at be sure to turn your purchases into miles. A faster way to earn miles is to spend with our finance partner credit card, earn credit card point and convert to Asia Miles.

4. Why is Cathay Pacific so expensive now?

This can be attributed to a number of factors, such as increased demand, fuel prices, and regulations. Cathay Pacific is no exception and has seen a significant increase in its airfares in recent years. The rise in airfare prices can be attributed to a combination of factors.

5. Which is better Asia Miles or KrisFlyer?

KrisFlyer may provide some unique perks, but Asia Miles offers greater flexibility. With the latter, you can redeem your miles on a wide range of travel-related services, such as hotels, car rentals, entertainment, and charity.


With a plethora of upgrade options, Cathay Pacific ensures that its passengers enjoy a tailored and enhanced flying experience. Whether you’re using Asia Miles, bidding, or exploring partner airline options, your journey with Cathay Pacific can be as luxurious as you desire.


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