Bhutan Invests Big in Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies, Acquiring Millions Worth of Holdings

Bhutan Invests Big in Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies, Acquiring Millions Worth of Holdings

Bhutan’s Sovereign Investment Arm Defaults on $30M USDC Loan from BlockFi, Leading to Liquidation of Bitcoin Holdings

Bhutan, the remote South Asian kingdom known for its embrace of Gross National Happiness and its unique approach to governance, has recently made headlines for a more unexpected reason: its investment in Bitcoin and Ether through Druk Holding & Investments (DHI), its sovereign investment arm.

According to recent reports, DHI invested millions of dollars in Bitcoin and Ether, which have recently skyrocketed in value. However, this investment has led to some unexpected consequences, as DHI recently defaulted on a $30 million USDC loan from BlockFi.

As a result of this default, BlockFi was forced to liquidate 1,888 bitcoin holdings to repay the unpaid balance. This sale came as a major surprise for the cryptocurrency market, which had been experiencing a strong bullish run in recent months.

This news follows the revelation that Celcius had discovered DHI as an institutional customer between April and June 2022, with DHI making trades on Bitcoin, Ether, and other cryptocurrencies during this period. It remains unclear whether these holdings are intended to support modernization initiatives or where the funds originated.

Many in the cryptocurrency community are now watching closely to see what impact this default will have on the broader market. Some analysts believe that the sale of such a large volume of bitcoin could signal a temporary reversal in the market’s recent upward trend.

The situation also raises broader questions about the role of cryptocurrencies in government-level investment strategies. While some countries, such as El Salvador, have embraced cryptocurrencies as a means of bolstering their economies, others remain skeptical or outright hostile to digital assets.

For Bhutan, this investment in cryptocurrencies may represent a new and innovative approach to investment and economic development. However, the recent default and subsequent liquidation serve as a cautionary tale about the risks involved in cryptocurrency investing, particularly for institutional investors.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve and mature, it remains to be seen how governments and other large institutions will approach this emerging asset class. For now, the situation with DHI serves as a reminder that even large and sophisticated financial organizations can fall prey to the risks of investing in digital assets.

Whatever the future holds for cryptocurrencies, one thing is certain: those who choose to invest in them should be prepared to accept both opportunities and risks. With any luck, Bhutan’s foray into the digital asset class will demonstrate that cryptocurrency investments can pay off handsomely, even for sovereign investors. But it also highlights the need for investors to thoroughly assess the risks involved in such investments before taking positions.


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