Are GoHenry Cards Contactless?

Are you trying to figure out if GoHenry cards are contactless? Or perhaps you want to understand the benefits of a GoHenry card for your child? We have got you covered! In this article, we delve into these queries and provide insights on how GoHenry can help children learn financial responsibility.

Are GoHenry Cards Contactless?

Yes, GoHenry cards are contactless. GoHenry cards enable quick and secure transactions via the “Tap and pay” method. As long as the retailer has enabled contactless payments, your child can simply tap their GoHenry card at the point of sale to make a purchase.

How Do Contactless Payments Work on GoHenry Cards?

With a GoHenry card, children can make contactless payments up to an inbuilt limit of $50 per transaction, regardless of any parental spending limits. This feature has been implemented to ensure that purchases remain safe and manageable.

Here are a few key points to consider when it comes to contactless payments on GoHenry cards:

  • Transaction Delay: Not all contactless transactions appear immediately on your statements. It may take up to 4 days for a transaction to appear. If you can’t see a transaction, be patient before contacting customer service.
  • Security: Contactless cards are secure and are covered by the same anti-fraud protection as chip and PIN transactions. The GoHenry card employs the most up-to-date and secure card technology in the market.
  • Apple Pay Integration: You can add your GoHenry card to Apple Pay, enabling easy, contactless payments. This functionality further enhances the convenience, speed, and security of transactions.

How Can My Child Benefit from a Contactless GoHenry Card?

A GoHenry contactless card offers numerous benefits for your child.

  • Firstly, it is a safe alternative to carrying cash. If the card gets lost, it can be blocked immediately via the GoHenry app. This feature prevents any unauthorized use, ensuring your child’s money remains secure.
  • Furthermore, GoHenry cards help children understand the value of money. Parents can load money onto the card as a gift, a regular allowance, or as a “payment” for tasks that children complete at home. This approach not only makes them feel independent but also teaches them the concept of earning and managing money responsibly.

What is the Cost of GoHenry?

Yes, GoHenry comes with a price. Unlike a regular kid’s bank account, GoHenry requires a membership fee and card procurement cost. Here’s a simple breakdown:

  • A customized card with your child’s favorite picture and name costs £4.99.
  • The monthly membership fee stands at £2.50
  • Each time money is added to the card, a fee of 50p is incurred, unless a regular monthly transfer from your bank is set up.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I add a GoHenry card to Google Pay?

No, kids must be 16 or older to use Google Pay with GoHenry. However, if they are aged 13 and over, they can add a GoHenry card to ApplePay. This can be set up via their ApplePay wallet on their phone or the GoHenry app.

2. Can you use GoHenry at an ATM?

Yes, your child can use GoHenry at an ATM. There is a daily limit of £120 (which can be set to less on the app) and a maximum of three ATM withdrawals per day. The weekly spending limit will also affect how much money your kids can take out. It’s important for kids to know their limits.

3. Can you use GoHenry for delivery services?

Your teens must be 18 to have their own account on delivery services like Deliveroo and Just Eat, so they won’t be able to use their GoHenry card to set up an account. However, they can use your food delivery account and then pay you, a friend, or your family back via the GoHenry app. The payment feature is free and straightforward to use. Your child can send and receive money up to a limit of £250 per month without any fees, and they can personalize their payment request with a fun, custom GIF.


In summary, GoHenry cards are an excellent financial tool to teach your children the value of money in a secure and modern way. Their contactless feature simplifies transactions, making them fast, secure, and convenient. However, while empowering your children with financial freedom, it’s important to guide them on using their GoHenry card responsibly, including keeping their PIN safe and understanding how contactless payments work.


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