How Much is 40,000 KrisFlyer Miles Worth?

Ever wondered about frequent flyer programs? These ingenious strategies were initially developed to ensure customer loyalty. Over the years, they’ve enabled travelers to circumnavigate the globe without breaking the bank. Airline miles can be accumulated through a plethora of avenues, like credit card bonuses, co-branded card spending, and, of course, actual flying. But when the rubber meets the runway, how much are these miles worth? Let’s delve into the specifics.

How Much is 40,000 KrisFlyer Miles Worth?

When it comes to Singapore Airlines, the valuation of KrisFlyer miles is roughly 1.02 cents each. This value is derived from the airline’s offer to reduce the cost of full-fare tickets when customers opt to make a partial payment with miles. Though this provides a semblance of flexibility, it’s not always the most economical choice.

As per the above valuation, 40,000 KrisFlyer Miles Worth is roughly worth $408. This may vary depending on the mode of redemtion of the miles.

Take, for instance, a business class ticket from Singapore to Dubai. Reducing the price by $515.95 requires a hefty 50,568 KrisFlyer miles, leaving over $2,500 to be paid out-of-pocket. Given that a one-way ‘Saver’ ticket on the same route costs 49,000 miles plus a minor tax, this seems illogical. Yet, circumstances might arise when a regular redemption isn’t feasible, prompting passengers to consider other less valuable options.

Value of 40,000 Miles on other Airlines

Considering the myriad of airlines offering frequent flyer programs, the value of miles can vary significantly from one to another. However, this figure oscillates based on the airline in question. To offer some clarity, here’s a brief rundown:

AirlineEstimated value of 40,000 miles
Alaska Airlines$480
American Airlines$600
Delta Air Lines$600
Frontier Airlines$360

Now, it’s important to note that these values aren’t set in stone. Certain routes or flights might offer more bang for your buck.

Uses of KrisFlyer Miles

1. Flight Redemptions

  • Redemption of award tickets or upgrade awards on Singapore Airlines, Star Alliance, and other partner airlines.
  • Use miles for part or total amount of Singapore Airlines airfares, airport taxes, and selected ancillaries on
  • Redeem for Scoot airfares, airport taxes, and selected ancillaries on Note: Miles cannot be used for additional fees on “Manage My Booking” or at the check-in counter for Scoot flights.

2. Service Fees

  • Redemption for services fees like extension of expiring KrisFlyer miles and change of redemption nominees.

3. Shopping & Bookings

  • Redeem for items on, excluding certain charges.
  • Use miles for bookings on

4. Conversion & Other Redemptions

  • Convert to loyalty points in partner programs.
  • Convert to KrisPay miles in the KrisPay mobile application.
  • Redemption of vouchers from partners.
Additional Notes:
  • A minimum number of KrisFlyer miles is required for certain redemptions.
  • KrisFlyer miles can only be used for specific purchases and not through travel agents or certain ticket offices.
  • Tickets redeemed with KrisFlyer miles have certain restrictions.

Redemption on

Members can use KrisFlyer miles for hotel stays or car rental bookings. However, there are certain terms and conditions to be aware of, such as a minimum number of miles required and the non-earning of miles for bookings.

Redemption on

KrisFlyer miles can be used for shopping, but there are exclusions like taxes and delivery charges. There’s also a minimum requirement and certain terms for redemption.

Conversion of KrisFlyer miles

Members can convert their KrisFlyer miles to partner program points. However, there are specific requirements and terms to follow.

Redemption of partner vouchers

Members can redeem partner vouchers with certain terms and conditions, such as validity period and one-time use.


Not all miles are created equal. The ideal choice is invariably influenced by individual preferences, travel goals, and residential locations. Nonetheless, amassing 40,000 miles is a commendable feat that guarantees substantial travel, irrespective of the chosen airline or destination.


1. How can I earn KrisFlyer miles?

You can earn miles through credit card bonuses, co-branded card spending, and flying with Singapore Airlines or its partner airlines.

2. Is it always beneficial to pay partially with miles?

Not necessarily. It’s essential to evaluate the value offered and compare it with other available options.


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