How Much is 1000 KrisFlyer Miles Worth?

One of the most common rewards for credit card users is air miles. Particularly in Singapore, many opt to redeem their credit card reward points for KrisFlyer miles with Singapore Airlines, the nation’s flagship carrier. But how much is a KrisFlyer mile really worth? Let’s dive in.

The Value of 1000 KrisFlyer Miles

Understanding the true worth of KrisFlyer miles can be a bit complex. This is because the value varies depending on several factors, primarily the type of flight ticket one chooses to redeem.

Research indicates that the value of 1,000 KrisFlyer miles can range anywhere from $11.17 to $50.95. But what does this mean for the average traveler? The value of the miles depends on where you decide to spend them and who is redeeming them.

Infrequent Flyers & Low Spenders

  • Accumulating enough miles for Business Class redemptions is tough.
  • Often opt for medium or long haul flights over short Business Class journeys.
  • On average, these flyers get a valuation of 1.12 cents per mile.

Irregular Flyers & Average Spenders

  • Can amass a decent amount of miles through the strategic use of mileage credit cards.
  • Have the choice of redeeming for either Economy or Business Class tickets.
  • Choosing Economy yields an average value of 1.12 cents per mile, while Business Class gets 2.87 cents per mile.

Frequent Flyers & High Spenders

  • Often enjoy the luxury of redeeming miles for Business or First Class tickets.
  • Get the highest value for their miles – 2.87 cents for Business Class and a whopping 5.10 cents for First Class.

Life isn’t always fair. Those who can afford to fly more or spend more get better returns on their miles!

How Much is a KrisFlyer Mile Worth?

For the average income earner or occasional flyer, a fair valuation would be around 1.12 cents for a KrisFlyer mile. This conservative estimate considers redeeming for SIA Economy Class flights. However, achieving the best promotional price can be challenging. Given this, a higher estimate of 1.68 cents might be more practical.

Other KrisFlyer Mile Valuations

Different experts value KrisFlyer miles differently, often higher than our valuation. For instance:

SourceValuation (cents per mile)

SIA also offers a “Pay with KrisFlyer miles” option, providing an implied value of 1.02 cents for SIA or SilkAir flights and 0.95 cent for Scoot flights.

How to Calculate Value of a KrisFlyer Mile?

Simply divide the base fare of a flight (exclusive of additional charges) by the number of miles required for redemption. For instance, a return Economy flight to London priced at $930 requiring 84,000 miles would value a mile at 1.11 cents.

What is the Value of a KrisFlyer Mile for Different Classes of Flights?

Flight class drastically affects mile valuation. As the quality of the flight experience increases from Economy to First Class, the value of each mile also increases. Business Class redemptions, in particular, offer a sweet spot in terms of value, especially when comparing the benefits to the miles required.


While the value of KrisFlyer miles can vary based on individual preferences and redemption choices, it’s clear they offer significant value, especially when redeemed wisely. For best value, it’s essential to consider your flying habits and spending patterns and make informed decisions when redeeming your hard-earned miles.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is 1 KrisFlyer point worth?

KrisFlyer miles’ worth depends largely on redemption choices. For a First Class ticket, the value might soar up to 2 cents per mile. However, for Economy Class award flights, the value hovers around 1.1 to 1.3 cents per mile. If used for shopping, expect around 0.6 cents per point. The Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer redemption chart provides a clearer picture of the miles required for award flights across routes and classes.

2. How many points equal a free flight?

Typically, you’ll need between 25,000 to 30,000 credit card miles for a round-trip economy fare within the U.S. For shorter flights, costs start at 5,000 to 7,500 miles for one-way segments. But, with dynamic award pricing in play, these values can fluctuate. Always check the airline’s website to get an accurate idea.

3. How many Air Miles is one flight?

Distance (miles)EconomyBusinessFirst Class
Up to 1,50030,00060,00080,000
1,501 to 4,00035,00075,000100,000

This table provides a general idea, but different airlines have specific requirements based on various factors.


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